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Welcome to the Alfred Health Library Catalogue

The library's catalogue can be used to search for print books, online e-books, and Kindle e-books. With over 15,000 titles, the online e-books now make up the largest part of the library's book collection. Of growing importance is the Kindle e-book collection focusing on high-demand titles in medicine and nursing.

The library has three sets of Kindles in the colours Orange, Blue and Black. Library users can check what available Kindle e-books are contained in the three sets by clicking on the Lists tab at the top left menu above. Brief lists of key library resources for specific disciplines can be found here.

Review of using a library Kindle from an Alfred staff member:
It is a fantastic eBook reader. It has a clear screen, great visibility features (e.g font size, magnify the screen) and lightweight.  I found the screen is much more eye-friendly compared to my Ipad. It is  easy to get through a lot of books. Very convenient to carry around and great battery life. Highly recommended to everyone.
Published on 22/01/2024
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