News from Alfred Health Library Services Welcome to the Alfred Health Library Catalogue
The library's catalogue can be used to search for print books, online e-books, and Kindle e-books. With over 14,000 titles, the online e-books now make up the largest part of the library's book collection. Of growing importance is the Kindle e-book collection focusing on high-demand titles in medicine and nursing.

The library has three sets of Kindles in the colours Orange, Blue and Black. Library users can check what available Kindle e-books are contained in the three sets by clicking on the Lists tab at the top left menu above. A subject listing of high-demand titles can be found here.

Review of using a library Kindle from an Alfred staff member:
It is a fantastic eBook reader. It has a clear screen, great visibility features (e.g font size, magnify the screen) and lightweight.  I found the screen is much more eye-friendly compared to my Ipad. It is  easy to get through a lot of books. Very convenient to carry around and great battery life. Highly recommended to everyone.